Wholesale of European Goods
From court warehouses and auctions

DISCOUNT up to 90%

The auction includes: Bankruptcy property, customs from impound and goods sold in violation of the legislation of the EU countries:

  • Cars and Special Equipment
  • Audio, video and home appliances
  • Computer Equipment and Electronics
  • Manual and Power Tools
  • Furniture, plumbing, household goods
  • Fashion Clothing European brands
  • Children's clothing and toys

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Electrical equipment

  • Lot size: 104 051 Units
  • Warehouse: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Lot Price: 98 848 Euro
  • Unit Price: 0.95 Euro

Porcelain tableware produced in Portugal

  • Lot size: 1 500 europallet
  • Warehouse: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Lot Price: 495 000 Euro
  • Price for Europallet: 330 Euro

Porcelain tableware Capeans, Spain

  • Lot size: 411 092 Units
  • Warehouse: Valencia, Spain
  • Lot price: 190 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 0.46 Euro

New Products (A-Ware) of European production

DIVERSA SALE PC Limited Partnership is your reliable partner in purchasing auction property from Europe.

We guarantee the lowest price (first price) and the right of preferential redemption. We organize inspection, acquisition, delivery and customs clearance in Russia and the CIS.

Fixed commission per transaction-from 2 to 5%.

Lot size

✓ from 10 000 to 1 000 000 units
✓ from 30 to 1 000 europallet

Lot Price

✓ from 10 000 Euro
✓ Payment in Rubles, Euro, USD

Location of warehouses

✓ Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey

Closed Lots (property already sold)


Power Tools (Germany)

  • Lot size: 106 000 Units
  • Warehouse: Germany, Munich
  • Lot Price: 275 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 2.59 Euro

Auto parts

  • Lot size: 250 000 Units
  • Warehouse: Germany, Munich
  • Lot Price: 440 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 1.76 Euro

IPad Tablets

  • Lot size: 92 200 Units
  • Warehouse: Germany, Munich
  • Lot Price: 380 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 4.12 Euro

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    Open Lots

    Select the category of products you want from the list:

    Scheme of work

    1. Lot selection and inspection of goods

    • Leave a request for the lot you are interested in
    • We provide specification (composition) of lot, video
    • We agree on the terms of purchase, delivery and customs clearance
    • We organize a personal inspection of goods in a warehouse in Europe

    2. Contract Design and delivery

    • Conclude a contract for the purchase of a lot
    • Deposit 10%
    • Pay the first batch (Eurofura) or the whole lot completely
    • We accompany delivery and customs clearance
    • During 3 months buy the whole lot

    Full support of the transaction at all stages

    Any payment options

    ✓ conclude a contract with a legal or natural person of any country
    ✓ Redemption of the whole lot or in batches of one eurofure

    Logistics and customs clearance

    ✓ Delivery to Russia, CIS and Europe
    ✓ Assistance with customs clearance
    ✓ "Door to door" Cargo Insurance

    Advantageous terms of cooperation

    ✓ "First price" guaranteed
    ✓ Payment in any currency
    ✓ Fixed Commission 2-5%

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      • Partner sells goods and shares profits with you

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