Goods from European bankruptcy auctions

Ultra-short investments with a return of 150% – your reliable partner in the acquisition of auction property from Europe.

We guarantee the lowest price (first price) and the right of pre-emption. We organize inspection, purchase, delivery and customs clearance in Russia and the CIS.

  • Investments from 100,000 to 10 million Euros
  • Minimum 150% profitability
  • On average 2-6 months return on investment time
  • Secure transactions in full compliance with European legislation

New products (A-Ware) of European production

The auction includes: bankrupt property, customs confiscation and goods sold in violation of the legislation of the EU countries:

  • Cars and special equipment
  • Audio, video and household appliances
  • Computer equipment and electronics
  • Hand and power tools
  • Furniture, plumbing, household goods
  • Fashionable clothes of European brands
  • Children’s clothing and toys

Lot size

✓ from 10,000 to 1,000,000 units
✓ from 30 to 1,000 europallets

Lot value

✓ from 100,000 euros
✓ payment in rubles, Euros, USD

Location of warehouses

✓ Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey

HOT investment offers

Clothing 7.3 million units, Spain

New clothes in stock in Alicante, Spain. The approximate period of sale of the lot is from 2 to 6 months, depending on the sale price (min/ opti/ max).

  • Investment size (lot price): total 2,336,000 Euros (0.32 Euros/unit)
  • First deposit: 300,000 Euros
  • Lot volume ~60-65 eurofour (22 cubic meters)
  • Market value ~35,000,000 Euros
  • Selling price (total): 3,285,000 – 5,767,000 Euros
  • Selling price (per unit): 0.45 – 0.79 Euros/unit.
  • Profit (after sale, 2-6 months): 949,000 – 3,407,000 Euros

Desigual branded clothing, 100,000 units

Fashionable women’s clothing of the European brand Desigual. Warehouse of Alicante, Spain. The approximate period of sale of the lot is from 1 to 2 months, depending on the sale price.

  • Investment amount (lot price): total 475,000 Euros (4.75 Euros/unit)
  • First deposit: 47,500 Euros
  • Lot volume ~100,000 units
  • Wholesale price ~1,990,000 Euros
  • Selling price (total): 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 Euros
  • Selling price (per unit): 10 – 20 Euros/unit.
  • Profit (after sale, 1-2 months): 525,000 – 1,525,000 Euros

Scheme of work

We sell – you rest

1. Selection of lots and buyers

  • We select the lot according to the investor’s preferences
  • We provide the specification for the lot & video, agree on the terms of the purchase of the lot
  • We will organize a personal inspection of the lot by an investor in a warehouse in Europe
  • We select small wholesale buyers in Europe and agree on the sale of the lot to them in parts

2. Conclusion of the transaction and sale of the lot

  • We conclude a contract for the purchase of a lot by an investor or an investment agreement
  • We will organize the further sale of the lot in small wholesale lots (in parts)
  • We organize the delivery and customs clearance of goods
  • The first money from the sale is returned to the investor, the further profit is divided 50/50

Our European warehouses

Closed lots (goods already sold)


Power Tools (Germany)

  • Lot size: 106 000 Units
  • Warehouse: Germany, Munich
  • Lot Price: 275 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 2.59 Euro

Auto parts

  • Lot size: 250 000 Units
  • Warehouse: Germany, Munich
  • Lot Price: 440 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 1.76 Euro

IPad Tablets

  • Lot size: 92 200 Units
  • Warehouse: Germany, Munich
  • Lot Price: 380 000 Euro
  • Unit Price: 4.12 Euro

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Completely secure transactions

Safe Money

✓ The lot is purchased by the investor on the basis of a sale and purchase agreement
✓ The transaction is executed by a notary or a lawyer in the EU
✓ A bank account is opened in the name of the investor or his representative

Logistics and customs clearance

✓ Delivery across Europe & the world
✓ Door-to-door cargo insurance
✓ Assistance in organizing customs clearance

Favorable terms of cooperation

✓ First price guarantee – discounts up to 90%
✓ Payments in any currency
✓ The investor has the right to take part of the goods (for personal use or self-sale)

New products from Europe – SALE 90%

We invite you to cooperate

We are open for dialogue, email us: [email protected]